Update on Life~
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 I'm in University now and it's already the second week of classes. I'm also living on res even though it takes a pretty decent amount of time to drive from my house to my University. To be honest, I wanted to challange myself by living on my own and to gain indepence. It's difficult at times so far and I do miss my family and friends from high school, but I'm making new ones too! I'm greatful that I eliminated the fear of making friends in university and met some really great people =)

University had been really funn so far! I'm enjoying most of my courses, some seem more interesting than others, but I'm sure that each of them has there pro and cons. For one of my classes I had to make a blog and blog about my progress in the class. At first I thought I wouldn't like posting about the stuff, but it's actually kinda enjoyable... Sorta like this journal... Except people in my class and my teachers read it lol...

Before I went back to school I finish my driving lessons. Thank goodness! Although even after finishing I still do not like driving!!! I just don't! I mean I do see the benefits of it, but it kinda scary sometimes... I've been in a car accident before and when ever I'm driving I'm just scared that something terrible might happen and I won't be able to prevent it. Basically, I just don't want anyone to get hurt because of me... I mean even though I've learned how to prevent accidents from happening while driving, I just don't trust myself. Ahhhh...

Driving in a storm is scary...
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Especially when the power goes out while you're friggen driving!!!
So scary >_<!


Umm well, It's Summer Again!! (the middle of it)
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Wow. I totaly haven't updated in a while...
Well basically to sum up everything that happened in June:
- Studying for final exams took up most of June
- Finished my exams =D
- Went to prom which turned out to be more fun than I expected!
- Graduated from high school!!! Wooo!
- Went on a trip to a friends cottage for a week near the end of June. We were there during Canada Day and sang Happy Birthday to Canada while watching fire works =D
Yupp, so thats basically it. I was hoping to find a job for the Summer but I don't think that's gonna happen =P

Oh, I made my second batch of Sea Sea Ice Cream the other day =D (Just like KH2!)
Turned out great! Here's the recipe I used ---> http://www.recipezaar.com/Sea-Salt-Ice-Cream-177919
Don't add vanilla though! I put vanilla in my first batch and it tasted really weird!!!

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 I sorta forgot to post about my birthday last week...

Well anywhoo... like I said last wewk I woke up really early and sang happy b-day to myself, then I went back to sleep. Hahaha I know I'm weird! Then I woke up again started getting ready for school. What was weird to me was that my mom didn't say happy birthday to me D= My dad even drives me to school and he didn't even say happy birthday to me during those fives minutes we were in the car! Yeah, I thought they forgot and it almost made me cry... but I felt better when I went to school and my friends wished me a happy birthday and gave me cards and presents~ It was nice~ I didn't have anything planned after school, so I thought I would walk home and just do whatever else I wanted to do =P

When I came back home from school I noticed that was making these yummy taro chips. And I was like, "Are we having a BBQ?", and my mom  said "yes", so I suddenly got really happy and then I said, "For my birthday?!", and then my mom was like "maybe." But, of course I knew~ My parents had a llttle surprise party for me with my family. Hehehe, yeah I pretty happy about that~ I got to eat cake after all~ and get presents and... money. Hahaha. Overalll, it was a really nice day! It even rained and it wasn't windy or anything! (I love the rain btw!) Yeah, it was pretty funny watching my dad standing wiith a umbrella while BBQ food~

My pretty and yummy cake~

I still have to do something with my friends though... I don't think it'll be anything be though. Just with a couple of friends. Oh, I am going to Anime North with my friends next week though hopefully! I've never been to anime convention before, so I'm excited about that! I just hope everythings goes as plan and that everyone that comes~ 

Happy Birthday to me~!
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Today is my birthday~!!! (I'm posting this at school btw.)
To celebrate I woke up at 5:30am in the morning and sang happy birthday to myself, then went back to sleep =)
I'll probably post some more stuff later~


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