Almost Christmas~
Pikachu - blanket [Pokemon]
Today, I went skating with my friends from uni. I've been skating with them before, but this time it was totally awesome. The skating rink was dark with... disco lights~ On top of that skating at the skating rink was also free today =) Hehehe. Saving money is great. Saving money while having fun is even better!!

Now I'm totally exhausted though. I was kinda sleepy the entire day actually... I hope I don't catch a cold before Christmas!! That would suck since I'm going to a Christmas Party tomorrow!!

Anywhoo, dress warmly everyone and have a Merry Christmas~

Happy Holidays 2010!!

Poke Park Pikachu's Adventure
Pikachu - blanket [Pokemon]

 I can't believe I didn't know about this!! I love Pikachu's >____<!
I'm so going to get this when it comes out!! Looks so cute :D

TRAX - Oh! My Goddess
Pikachu - blanket [Pokemon]

Loving this song right now =)

Fifa Wold Cup 2010 Finals
Pikachu - blanket [Pokemon]

 I'm not really into soccer or any sports for that matter, but I do watch them from time to time when I'm surfing the channels.

Today I went to the mall with my mom and we walked around and shopped. We walked into an area where there were TV's that were playing the match for the Fifa World Cup Finals, Netherlands vs Spain, and there were seats set up for people to sit and watch. My mom forgot about the match today and she wanted to sit and watch. She told me that I could go walk around and come back when the match was suppose to end. Which is exactly what I did ^^. When I cam back the score was still 0-0 and it was already the end of the game, but I decided to sit and watch when it game went into overtime (is that what it's called?).

It was really nice to see the people who were sitting around me being so focused on the game and cheering for their respective countries. There were a lot of Spanish people there. Some teenage kids were cheering/counting in Spanish and sounded so excited and I remember there being a older Spanish man who said something like "this is for my country" when he got one of the free mini soccer balls they were handing out in the sitting area.

When Spain finally scored, oh my gosh everyone screamed sooo loud!
But, it was nice seeing everyone so happy ^___^ It made me a little cheery too~

Congratulations Spain for getting 1st =)

WHOA! Hello!
Pikachu - blanket [Pokemon]

 Oh ^^;; Once again I have abandoned my livejournal and came back.
I'm thinking about using it as a diary to post things that make me happy, things that make me sad...
It'll be like a progress report of my life to see how much I can change in time... hopefully =)


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